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Building & Transforming Small Business into Competitive Companies

 Stop missing out on potential revenue from scratch. You will invest in marketing that is appropriate for your business, and not what is more convenient for us. We work with honesty and transparency, and we will never tell you something that is not true. Take a look how our clients are growing their businesses in our case studies.

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Are You Still Thinking About It?

Because we build relationships with our clients based on high values, it is easy for us to get amazing reviews like this one.

Bianca Curtis Best Atorney Miami

Bianca Curtis

I have been working with the Kendall Development team for the last six months doing SEO on my website. I’ve been receiving customers constantly in the last two months which is earlier than we predicted actually. First off, the owner - Federico - is extremely professional and genuinely, a good person. Lara is an extremely talented web designer and patient as I have had to make many changes to my website. Working with them has been a breath of fresh air compared to working with many other companies out there. I highly recommend them!!
(I'm an Immigration Lawyer in the Miami area)

We will listen to your needs and then provide you with our best suggestions to convert your ideas into something real. Check out the calendar and set up a consultation without cost.

Web Design

Your website is your online office and it's where you can connect with customers and prospects. When done right, your website will become a powerful tool for marketing, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

SEO Services

Ads are an easy way to reach customers, but SEO is the long game. When you stop competing over keywords and start strategizing on your user experience, you will be able to sell and convert faster.

Google Ads Management 

Once your website is all set up! Now you can begin your online marketing campaign using Google Ads, those Ads will put your website on the first page of Google ensuring that other people know about your business helping you to generate traffic and new leads.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is all about creating strong relationships with your customers, a community around your brand, and helping your company get more sales and leads.

If you want to have an Optimized Site for Organic Search

you should contact us online to chat with a professional member of our SEO team. Having an optimized site will improve your company’s search engine rankings and also your revenue.

Our Kendall Development
SEO Process







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Responsive Websites as a Basic Requirement

What is a Resposive Web Design?

A Website with Responsive design is the approach that suggests that development and design should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform (IOS, Android, Windows, etc.) and orientation.

When you have a Responsive Web, you will help to Increase Leads & Sales. Let's see some statistics of how responsive websites design can make all the difference:


  • 57% of users who see a poorly designed mobile site say they won’t recommend the business 


  • 78% of all US online traffic now comes from different mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)


  • 85% of adults say that a company’s website has to look better on mobile devices than its desktop website. The interaction of users with businesses that has a Responsive Web design, today is 2x greater


  • 75% of today day's consumers turn to mobile search first to find solutions to their immediate needs


Stop to lose out on new customers. Send us a message, and we’ll investigate for you, or call one of our Website designers and learn more about our custom responsive web design services.

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We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Small Business Grown


Online Campaign


Main Objetive

The Best Customer Service Experience


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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Federico Donadio

Founder & CEO

This is 

A company built with passion, with people who love what they do, we work with businesses that want to grow and achieve their dreams.

We're a team of specialists and professionals in the field of developing companies using the best marketing technics as well as with enthusiasm and honesty, we guide our customers in their entrepreneurial process, providing them with all the necessary tools to grow professionally and economically.

With bases in Florida, Kendall Development has grown over 500 small businesses in the last 3 years. Also, we have developed a workplace culture that promotes high productivity, communication, and collaboration. We believe that by working closely together and communicating openly, we can achieve more than if we work independently.

Discover how we can help your company to achieve its objectives and unlock the true potential. We are ready to build & transform your small business into a competitive company.

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