Get a New Website in 7 Days

At Kendall Development we do know that a really strong presence is essential for standing out virtually in every industry.

It is also true that not every business needs a great website to achieve its goals, so what we offer is really simple and straightforward designs.

Candy Cotton

Lead-Driven Design

We aim at designing templates that have an impact in your bottom line.

3 Theme Options

In order to keep your brand’s integrity, customize the look and layout of the designs.

Results-Driven Design

At Kendall Development, we focus on driving real results for our customers. Our main goal is to make your business improve its profits by generating leads online.

The fastest design process involves three template options. Each one is planned and customized to generate new leads. We offer a responsive approach, which means that your visitors can turn into potential customers, regardless of the device or browser they use to access your site.

After you choose a suitable template, a qualified PM (Project Manager) will guide your project to establish sitemap structure, UX, and conversion planning goals.

Having gathered all information needed, we ask you for a few key details (such as logo, branding and images), and your site will be launched within 30 days.

These fast web design plans include everything you need to attract potential customers: 6 pages of content and 3 customized lead forms.

They also include personal custom design, template colors, images, buttons, and text to achieve a customized look. The final product is a site that reflects your brand, gives your target audience the information they need, and serves as a valuable lead generation tool for your business.