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Spider Solitaire - 4 suits: card game rules

Spider 4 suit - the most difficult version, where you have to think a lot. On the playing field, you see 104 cards of all suits that you need to lay out in the correct sequence. There are also 50 set aside cards in the corner of the screen, which can be used in difficult situations.

Tasks and possible moves

Play Spider Solitaire 4 suits online for free. The main task of the player is to clear the playing field from all cards. To do this, you need to distribute the cards in descending order, for example, you can cover the king with a queen, a deuce with a three, and so on in order. Here, the highest suit is the king, the lowest is the ace.

Accordingly, your chain should be laid out in order from King, Queen, Jack, 10 ... 2 and end with Ace. The collected column automatically disappears from the multiplayer and frees up space to continue parsing.

The Spider is considered to have converged when each suit is stacked in the correct sequence. If you do not see the necessary cards to continue the game, use the set aside deck located in the corner of the screen. Then new cards will open, which will randomly cover the cards lying in ten columns.

The player can transfer any number of cards from pile to pile, provided that the chain consists of the same suit. When the chain in sequence from King to Ace (of the same suit!) is completed, you remove it.

Playing Spider Solitaire 4 suits in the minimum amount of time and moves - is a clear reason for pride.

Natali Santo

Natali Santo

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