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SEO Services:

an opportunity to Grow Traffic and Increase Profits

Our Services

If you are interested in improving business growth, SEO or search engine optimizations, we are the best option. These services are essential as they point at users that are most likely to browse about your business.

Kendall Development offers customized SEO campaigns that target on-page and off-page SEO. Keyword research and content implementation are highly important to allow your audience to find you online.

Our professional SEO team will assess your accurate business’s SEO strategy to make sure your campaign is being effective.

If you want to have an optimized site for organic search, you should contact us online to chat with a professional member of our SEO team. Having an optimized site will improve your company’s search engine rankings and also your revenue.


We are in every detail, we really help Google to understand your website. Together with a high-quality development team, our SEO agency can also assist you technically to increase your website’s usability, speed and functionality.

  • Catching titles & meta descriptions

  • Usability Improvements

  • Updated Site Architecture


The content of your website is key as it's going to guide your users through the whole website and make you generate new leads. We will help you by providing topic suggestions, accurate copy and good quality content to improve not only your website but also your company’s success.

  • Website SEO Copy That Converts

  • Longform Copy That Guide

  • Informative Blog Posts That Enthrall


Our detailed keyword analysis is the core of our SEO services. Precise keywords will help us to set an audience and drive useful traffic to your website, and as a result, new leads and important sales will be generated.

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis

  • Keyword Mapping Assessment

  • Advanced Tracking

Our Kendall Devt SEO Process


When starting a SEO campaign project, your SEO consultant begins by doing a deep research into your company, website, competitors and industry. With all the data gathered, we work on a roadmap for your website’s SEO.

  • Profound Competitor Analysis

  • Site & Server Analysis

  • Analyze all On-Site SEO Factors


Do you know why off-page SEO and earned media are crucial? Well, basically because they place your site in front of your target audience. Our committed content marketing team will be in charge of generating new opportunities to boost your website by helping your company build links with reliable experts within your business industry.

  • Content Enhancement

  • On-topic Mentions From Blogs/Press

  • Viral Marketing Campaigns


Testing is highly important in this process. By testing everything and making frequent improvements to your SEO strategy, we can ensure your website will drive enough visitors through the purchasing funnel straight to the point.

  • Conversion Path Assessments

  • Calls-to-action Upgrades

  • Regular Improvements Via ROI Tracking

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SEO is more than just one approach.

Is it possible SEO management services help me improve my online presence?

Yes, definitely. SEO is crucial for your business's online presence growth. Besides, SEO is significant to catch more traffic to your site, target qualified leads and increase your revenue. All in all, we can consider SEO as a key part of a successful business ideal.

Actually, SEO is an umbrella term that encapsulates smaller strategies that function together to improve your Google ranking. So, SEO helps your business to create an effective conversion and increase your revenue.

Let’s discuss some key SEO strategies that we use in SEO campaigns to optimize websites.

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